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Birthstone of the Month - Diamonds 


A girl’s best friend…the ultimate sparkler…a symbol of eternal love... Diamonds are the birthstone of April!   Adopted from the Greek work "adamas," meaning invincible or unbreakable, Diamonds can be worn with little worry as they are the hardest stone on earth.  Over the years, they have been said to bring clarity, balance and abundance or better relationships and an increase in inner strength to the wearer.  What we know for sure is that they are always the perfect gift and that they can be counted on to add sparkle to any and every day.
In addition to white, or colorless, Diamonds come in a wide range of colors such as black, blue, green, pink, red, purple, orange and yellow. The color is caused by impurities, such as boron (blue) and nitrogen (yellow and brown), and structural defects that are present in the stone or irradiation (green).  Diamond quality is judged by four characteristics, known as the four Cs: Carat (its weight), Cut (proportion, symmetry and polish), Color (how close to colorless it is or in the case of colored diamonds, how intense the hue is), and Clarity (how free it is from inclusions).  Diamonds are primarily mined in Central and South Africa, Canada, India, Russia, Brazil and Australia.
Arthur Weeks and Son Jewelers carries a wide range of Diamond and colored Diamond jewelry both online and in our store. From stunning rings and bracelets to sparkling earrings and pendants, we have something for everyone in a price range for every budget. If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Introducing a New Designer 

Philippa Roberts Jewelry

Philippa Roberts Jewelry's signature look is simple, organic shapes combined with beautifully cut gemstones. Her love of the ocean plays a large role in the selection of clean, blue and green stones in many of her pieces. Philippa’s creativity stems from the nature around her, yet she also incorporates a feeling of the urban, with lines and patterns that imitate architecture and design seen around the city. Philippa creates all the original pieces by carving in wax or fabricating in metal. Her selection of new stones for each season defines how her collections will come to life.  


Welcome to our Webstore!

From the opening of our family store in 1896, four generations of fathers and sons have built our family business and proudly helped generations of families and loyal customers find the perfect gift to mark life's special occasions. Now, all of that knowledge, commitment and stunning selection is available right here.

John Weeks, is the fourth generation owner of Arthur Weeks and Son Jewelers and is a registered jeweler with the American Gem Society. The AGS is one of the jewelry industry’s most prestigious organizations. John also has his Diamond Degree from the Gemological Institute of America. In addition, Arthur Weeks and Son Jewelers is a member of the Jewelers of America, an A+ rated member of the Better Business Bureau, and a member of the Hudson Valley Gateway Chamber of Commerce.

  1. John has amassed a unique and beautiful collection of items perfect for every celebration or just because. Shop our store and if you don’t see exactly what it is you are looking for, email John at john@arthurweeksjewelers.com. Just like the generations before him, he is in the store and ready to help you find that perfect piece.